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SD 410 Process - I-Manage


Smithsonian Directive (SD) 410 establishes authorities and responsibilities associated with the facilities building program as delegated by the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

The Director, Smithsonian Facilities, is the designated Smithsonian code official who is delegated the responsibility for the planning, real estate management, design and construction services of the Smithsonian Institution. All facility-altering projects are managed by or through Smithsonian Facilities. This is applicable to all units, museums, and other Institution organizations. This directive is to ensure an appropriate level of quality standards to:

  • Maintain the safety, health and welfare of Smithsonian visitors and staff;
  • Protect, preserve, conserve, and secure the Smithsonian collections;
  • Support the special needs of scientific programs;
  • Preserve the Smithsonian buildings and their historic integrity;
  • Assure that all construction is coordinated and tracked through a central source; and promote accurate record keeping.

Further SD-410 requires the Engineering & Design Division (EDD) provide architectural and engineering services for facility construction, renovation, and repair. This includes developing scopes of work for design services. EDD oversees contracted design efforts and is responsible for ensuring thorough project reviews and code/standards compliance for all physical plant construction and improvement projects.

Please note that I-MANAGE will support multiple registered users from both primes and consultants.

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