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Our Mission

To provide effective and efficient integrated services to design, construct, revitalize and preserve high quality and culturally significant facilities in support of the Smithsonian’s mission.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a world leader in the design, construction, and revitalization of internationally renowned cultural and research facilities.

Our Values

Smithsonian employees maintain the utmost standards of honesty, integrity and loyalty while supporting the increase and diffusion of knowledge. As OPDC employees, we strive to accomplish our mission by putting forth our very BEST efforts as embodied in the values of:


Embracing BEST values means sustaining BALANCE between program needs and operational activities, while achieving EXCELLENCE through diligent stewardship and providing legendary SERVICE to the Smithsonian Institution through dedicated and effective TEAMWORK. We demonstrate our BEST values when we respect our workplace, our
leaders, our customers. and each other.

Our Priorities

Goal 1:
One Smithsonian: Facilities and Programs Partnered for Excellence

Goal 2:
Sparkling Facilities: Impassioned Stewardship in Action

Goal 3:
Legendary Service: Leading the Field with Best Practices

Goal 4:
Empowered Organization: One Team Driving Forward