Codes and Standards

For SI Security Design Criteria, please contact the project design manager or COTR.

Smithsonian Facilities CAD Guidelines and Standard Files

The Smithsonian Facilities CAD Guidelines, a PDF document, provide detailed descriptions of CAD drawing requirements, graphic symbols, conventions, and standards including, but not limited to: layer naming and colors, sheet layouts, title blocks, and drawing numbering. These are applicable to construction documents produced by Architect-Engineers and in house design staff. Standard AutoCAD Files that are referenced in the Smithsonian Facilities CAD Guidelines are:

Additional files for non-standard sizes may be used if approved by design manager.

Smithsonian Facilities BIM Standards and Templates

Please use the documents below as a guide. For more information about the Smithsonian Facilities BIM Program, please send an email to: SF-BIM-WikiAdmin@si.edu

Smithsonian Facilities Revit Templates

Smithsonian Facilities Custom Model Checker

Revit Model Review is an Autodesk Revit extension that validates the accuracy and consistency of design model(s) against SI defined standards templates. This custom model checker will verify the model's quality and adherence to SI standards. More information about AutoDesk model checker - http://bit.ly/autodeskmodel

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